Dysport 500 unit vial

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Buy Ipsen Ltd Dysport 500 units/vial for dilution. Zora Skincare customers get Dysport at the cheapest price and are guaranteed Manufacturer sealed quality in addition to a risk-free transaction, discount and free shipping. Each box of Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA) contains 1 sterile, single-use vial with accompanying Full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide.

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Dysport 500 unit

Dysport 500 unit has been approved by US FDA in 2009 for carrying out the treatment of cervical dystonia or blepharospasm in the adults, apart from cosmetic treatment. These have been running successfully over the years. Each sterile vial contains 500 units of lyophilized abobotulinumtoxinA. Nonmedicinal ingredients: human serum albumin and lactose.
Botulinum toxin belongs to the class of medications called neuromuscular paralytic agents. It blocks the nerves that are responsible for muscle activity.

Possible side effects

Dysport 500 unit

drooping of the upper eyelid
face pain
general feeling of being unwell
muscle weakness at the injection site
pain, tenderness or bruising, burning, swelling, or stinging at the injection site
redness of the skin
stuffy nose
tightness of the skin

How to use Dysport 500 unit

Dosage Forms & Strengths

injection, powder for reconstitution

300 units/vial
500 units/vial


Indicated for treatment of spasticity in adults Dysport 500

Select dose based on muscles affected, severity of muscle activity, prior response to treatment, and adverse event history (EMG guidance recommended)

Dysport Do not inject >1 mL at any single injection site; the maximum total dose (upper and lower limb combined) is 1500 units

Dysport 500 unit.

Indicated for temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with procerus and corrugator muscle activity in adults aged <65 years

50 units total divided in 5 equal doses IM to affected muscles

Retreat no sooner than 3 months

Dosage Modifications Dysport 500

Renal or hepatic impairment: No dose adjustment necessary

Essential Blepharospasm (Orphan)

Orphan indication sponsor

Retreat no sooner than 3 months

Porton International, Inc; 1155 15th Street, N.W., #315; Washington, DC 20005

Dose per muscle Retreat no sooner than 3 months

Retreat no sooner than 3 months





1vial, 2vials


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